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Oh No, No, No…….

Want to see a reporter get really excited? Say these two words in the thick of a corporate crisis: “No comment.” You may as well wave a red flag in front of a bull! Truthful or not, those two words imply guilt and indicate you’ve got something to [...]

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The Power of 10-20 Seconds

Blame it on the subconscious mind! Snap judgement is a part of human nature. Research has found it only takes a person 10 - 20 seconds to determine if they want to hire, date, validate or listen to you. Be it as a keynote presenter, in a board [...]

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Getting To The Heart of It All

With more than 30 years in television news, I can guarantee this; everyone has a story. Yes, there are basic facts, data, statistics of all we experience in life, but the truth is people are the story. Our tales can be inspiring, heart-wrenching, informative, delicate or larger-than-life. But [...]

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Less Is More!

Our brains are amazing data banks. Packed in with our memories and emotions is a lifetime of information, data, thoughts, beliefs and ideas; all seeming to be of equal importance just waiting to be shared! Excited to showcase his or her expertise, knowledge and prowess, an untrained speaker [...]

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